If you’re interested in becoming a real estate broker there are a few things you should know about the education process.

There is a required 150 hours of study in order to qualify to take the test, and you must be 18 years or older with a high school diploma, GED, or international equivalent.

Test packages vary on price, and you must choose the one that best suites you. The online class we recommend and have had agents use is www.onlineed.com.

Providing online real estate courses since 1998. Offers Prelicense training as well as continuing education courses. No special software needed, everything is online.

Once you’re done with the required hours and class material you must go to http://www.oregon.gov/REA and apply to take the test, as well as pay for the application which license fee once you pass the test. Usually costing around $230.

You must pass the state and federal exams to receive your license the exam costs $75

Once you have passed both exams you must pass a background check as well has have your fingerprints processed, costing an additional $75.

You will receive your license once your background check clears, your principal broker adds you pending license, and the Real Estate Agency has done a final review of your application.

Once licensed you must renew your license every two years by retaining 30 hours of continued education hours, these hours must be pre-approved courses.

Any further questions please contact Earlene Brown (if we could put a link to her information page), or go to http://www.oregon.gov/REA.