Remodel Before Selling?

When selling your home, an often debated subject concerns how much work to put in each room to spruce up and upgrade for a faster sale and better price.

If you decided to renovate, focus your efforts on your kitchen and bathrooms but don’t forget other spaces in your home.

Here are several important upgrades that won’t necessarily break your budget.

Tips on Renovating Different Rooms

  • Kitchen
    Today’s families spend more time in the kitchen than any other place in the house. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home — and people often use their hearts to make a buying decision.New kitchen appliances often catch the eye of prospective buyers so consider replacing dated dishwashers, stoves, and microwaves. A new faucet and light fixture also will add distinction to your kitchen.Add color and texture to this space with a new backsplash above your counters. With the explosion of new ceramic, glass, stone, and metal accents, you can achieve a dramatic new look for only a modest investment.For quick cabinetry improvement, add new doors and drawers, a lazy Susan, and adjustable shelves. If not, simply install new door and drawer handles.
  • Bathroom
    Studies show that even small changes like adding luxurious looking clean towels, replacing the shower curtain, and adding candles around a bathtub will add value to the room.However, with a little money and effort, your bathroom can become a talking point of the house. By adding a new basin, sink, and tub and creating more of a spa–like atmosphere, you will have buyers considering the possibilities.
  • Living Room
    When it comes to a living room, replacing outdated furniture is key. You may want to add color with throw pillows or area rugs.Keep everything bright by adding decorative lamps and replacing old light bulbs.Wash windows and keep blinds and draperies open.Paint the room a neutral color and add a few pieces of art on the walls for substance.
  • Exterior
    Make any necessary repairs to your home’s exterior, starting with your porch and walkways.Replace damaged or missing roof tiles and fix rain gutters.A fresh coat of paint also will do wonders for your home’s exterior.