Choosing an Agent

For most people, selling a home is by no means a “DIY” project

You need a qualified, experienced agent who can help you understand the process, analyze the market, assess comparable sales, and negotiate the best price possible.

How do you find a good agent?

Start by asking your friends, neighbors, and work associates. Chances are they’ve worked with agents in the recent past and will offer referrals. Extend your agent search online, and conduct an online search of names you receive.

Ask your prospective agents for referrals and contact those referrals. Invite your candidates to visit your home and give you a ‘listing presentation’ that demonstrates their skill, market knowledge, and service pledge.

You’ll likely spend a lot of time with your agent so compatibility is essential. Make sure you’re comfortable speaking with your agent, and that your agent listens to you.

A good agent will also . . .

  • Walk you step by step through the entire home–selling process
  • Answer questions and keep you abreast of shifting market conditions
  • Conduct a comparable-sales assessment to help you gain a clear understanding of local pricing trends
  • Provide you with a complete marketing plan for your home
  • Share details about your home through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Web
  • Advertise your home in online and traditional media
  • Handle buyer calls and requests for showings
  • Negotiate price
  • Help finalize your transactions

Of course, these qualities and services are basic to Prudential Seaboard Properties Real Estate Agents, who will serve as your friend, confident, and biggest ally in your home–selling process.