Home Inspections

Give Your Prospective Home a Check–Up

Buying a home is an exciting process.

Yet, as with any purchase, the buyer must beware. Sometimes, what looks like an ideal home might be masking major defects that could cost far beyond the purchase price.

Enter the home inspection.

Before any sale is complete, it’s essential to have a professional home inspector assess the property from the ground up. An objective inspection gives both buyer and seller a better understanding of the value and needs of the property.

Remember, no home is perfect and the presence of defects needn’t halt the transaction. An inspection allows the buyer to further negotiate the home’s purchase price or the cost of repairs in the purchase contract.

Use Your Prudential Real Estate Agent as Your Adviser

Our experienced agents . . .

  • Provide you with all inspection reports
  • Recommend home inspections without being asked
  • Ensure inspections are comprehensive and well documented
  • Have participated in many inspections — even those for new homes
  • Insist on an ‘inspection clause’ in your contract describing damages
  • Know reliable inspectors and can confidently recommend a good one

An inspection is the health diagnosis of a property’s condition. If the inspector finds items needing attention, then you are prepared to make an informed decision before making an offer.

Like a health check up, an inspection could . . .

  • Save you thousands of dollars in unanticipated costs
  • Ensure a smarter purchase decision
  • Save time in your buying process
  • Protect your investment

Treat your largest financial investment with care … be involved, be particular, be thorough, and be in control.

Talk to your Prudential Seaboard Properties Real Estate Agents today about getting a home inspection.