First Time Buyers

Financial Advice for the First Time Buyer

Purchasing a new home is a big step, especially for first–time buyers. Most people’s concerns center on affordability, so take a look at your financial situation.

Crunch the numbers to decide if this is the right time to buy.

Mortgage rates are historically low, and homes are well off their highs of a several years ago. That’s great for buyers!

Here are a few other financial considerations for first–time buyers.

It takes more than the down payment to get you through the door of your first home. When buying, consider the closing costs and future expenses that come with any property.

Many experts agree that homeowners should have 1–3% of your home’s purchase price in savings for improvements and surprise expenses. Likewise, mortgage experts say you hold at least 6 mortgage payments in the bank in case of job loss or other circumstances.

Home inspections also are helpful for first–time and other buyer, as they list repairs that must be made now by the seller, and other repairs that should be made soon … by you. Put together a short–term plan based on the inspection. This will help you figure how much additional money you’ll need in the months ahead for maintenance.

Discuss home ownership costs with your Prudential Seaboard Properties Real Estate Agents. Working together you can pinpoint all related expenses and achieve your home ownership dreams.